Bomb John

Bomb John 3.1

Be a superman, the only one to save the world!

Bomb John 2.0 is a free action game, where the objective is to remove mines and destroy monsters. In each level you have to recover mines and explosives before the time is over; you will have to avoid tanks and monsters in every level. You will also find bonus points, and accesories such as weapons, rocket launchers, aeroengines, megabombs, powerguard, fields and lifes. Move with the help of the arrow keys for shooting use the space bar, if you need to pause the game use "P" and for quiting the game just press Esc. Among the options you can configure you have full or windows view, music on or off, sound on or off and the definition of your country. There is a registry of the high scores. You will lose life if you are shot by a tank, if you touch a tank, if you are near a bomb that is about to explode or if you fall down to the bottom of the screen; remember that all you have are 3 lifes but that you can gather extra lifes through the different levels. Beat your own scores and times through each level.

Augusto Rivera
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